Roadside Jesus' Periodic Table of Rockin'  

Jimi Hendrix   Jesus talks about the table.

Alkali Alkali Metals Actinides Actinides
Alkaline Earth Metals Alkaline Earth Metals Poor Metals Poor Metals
Transition Metals Transition Metals Nonmetals Nonmetals
Lanthanides Lanthanides Noble Gases Noble Gases
Share Led Zeppelin
Metallica Deep Purple The Band Meat Loaf Bruce Springsteen Bob Seger Tom Petty Black Sabbath
Iron Maiden Iron Butterfly Poison The Police Fleetwood Mac Faces Pat Benatar The Rolling Stones
Megadeth Blue Oyster Cult The Kinks Cream The Doors The Velvet Underground Aerosmith Van Halen AC/DC Guns 'n' Roses Danzig The Cult Bon Jovi Ratt Steve Miller Band Grand Funk Railroad Bachman Turner Overdrive The Who
Judas Priest Jefferson Airplane The Clash ZZ Top Lynyrd Skynyrd Black Oak Arkansas Bad Company T. Rex Boston Foghat Journey Mountain Warrant Whitesnake Def Leppard Loverboy Hall & Oates Steppenwolf
Motörhead Creedence Clearwater Revival 57-71 Night Ranger Foreigner Sonic Youth Ted Nugent MC5 Television Mötley Crüe Neil Young Billy Idol Cinderella Winger Nelson Europe The Doobie Brothers Spinal Tap
Death Angel Jethro Tull 89-103 Dokken Scorpions Cheap Trick Heart The Runaways Survivor Black Flag Hüsker Dü              
      Toto Styx Kansas Yes Peter Frampton The Cars Dire Straits Electric Light Orchestra Genesis Steely Dan Rush Frank Zappa Queen David Bowie Pink Floyd
      The Misfits Anthrax Slayer Suicidal Tendencies GWAR Alice Cooper KISS Twisted Sister Quiet Riot Sex Pistols The Stooges Ramones Pantera Bad Brains "Weird Al" Yankovic